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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

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Quoting Mad Madam Em's Bloggity Blog:

I thought I was going to use cloth diapers. Weeks before Jack was born, I got a load of trifolds, pins and plastic pants. I had one box of disposables. I figured after the first few weeks of really gross poo, I would start using my cloth diapers, just like my mom used on me and my sister. Not. so. much.

So, I started to look into AIO (All-In-One) diapers, specifically handcrafted diapers on Etsy. The Laughing Place caught my eye immediately because of their fantastic fabric choices. I fell in LOVE with this "Space Kids" retro fabric.

The Laughing Place is headed by mom/daughter team Kim and Dana. They have been doing business on the web since 2000. Dana has worked side by side with her mom, Kim, since she was 10 years old. Their store includes adorable embroidered items for baby, as well as these fantastic diapers.

The Laughing Place has been cool enough to offer a giveaway to Mad Madam Em readers! Aren’t you happy you're here? Just head on over to The Laughing Place on Etsy ..................

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For the rest of the report and information on our giveaway, please visit Mad Madam Em's Bloggity Blog!

Hello Kitty on Pink PUL AIO, Size Large, Seconds!!

Not really crazy about the final product so here's a rare chance to pick up a *seconds* at a great price! Functionality and overall appearance are not affected, nor is the performance, its just a thing between the creator and the finished product. lol!

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